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AFBR-S6DPYEBB01 - ezPyro thin film digital SMD backplane boards

AFBR-S6DPYEBB01 - ezPyro thin film digital SMD backplane boards

Manufacturer: Broadcom

Datasheet: AFBR-S6DPYEBB01

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Product Detail

The Broadcom ezPyro Backplane Board can flexibly host up to four ezPyro SMD Breakout Boards. With no hardware design work required, a combination of the Backplane Board and any of the attached ezPyro SMD sensors can produce infrared sensor signal measurements out-of-the-box in the early evaluation and design stages in a wide range of infrared sensing applications.

AFBR-S6DPYEBB01 - ezPyro thin film digital SMD backplane boards
The AFBR-S6DPYEBB01 is a Broadcom ezPyro Backplane Board that can host up to four ezPyro SMD Breakout Boards for immediate infrared sensor signal measurements in various applications.

Features & Benefits

  • World's first SMD pyroelectric sensor
  • Smallest digital pyroelectric sensor
  • Lower system cost due to integrated functions
  • Plug-and-play connectivity using the I²C bus interface and daisy chaining sensors
  • Ultra-low power, sleep modes & wake-up by signal
  • Fully configurable independent channel
  • Reducing emitter on time and thus system power consumption
  • Fast switch-on

Technical Specifications

Application Area 1Gas Sensing: CO2, CO, CH4, NO, anaesthetics, refrigerants, exhaust gases etc.
Application Area 2Flame detection: CO2 and H2O gases from hydrocarbon or hydrogen flames
Application Area 3Food and oil analysis: Sugars, proteins, fats, base and acidic numbers
Application Area 4Motion detection
Application Area 5Gesture recognition
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