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S9700-23D 400G Disaggregated Core and Edge Router

S9700-23D 400G Disaggregated Core and Edge Router

Manufacturer: ufiSpace

Datasheet: S9700-23D

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Product Detail

The UfiSpace S9700-23D is a 10 x 400GE disaggregated core router that evolves the network to a 400GE network, which enables the next generation of 5G services and applications. Additionally, it enables the development of open networking services for the core and edge networks.

The S9700-23D can be deployed as a standalone device or within a core switching cluster as a "line card" element within the distributed disaggregated chassis. The S9700-23D disaggregated core router uses the Broadcom J2 chipset, which provides 8GB deep buffering with 2000Mpps packet throughput and 4.8Tbs switching capacity. It includes a knowledge-based processor (or TCAM) to perform up to 16 parallel searches to reach decision speeds of multiple billion decisions per second, which makes it ideal for provider edge applications. As a core router, the S9700-23D enables fault and performance monitoring, non-stop routing support for control and data plane, and comprehensive high-availability networks.

Standalone Router Applications

  • As a standalone router, the S9700-23D can be deployed at the edge network to enable transport services over a scalable next-generation Telecom network.
  • It is also suitable for central office data centers and general network aggregation.

Core Router Applications

When coupled with UfiSpace's fabric switch, the S9700-23D becomes a building block for the distributed disaggregated chassis (DDC). The DDC allows telecoms and service providers to implement a pay-as-you-grow model when scaling core network capacities from 4Tbs up to 192Tbs.

What is a Distributed Disaggregated Chassis (DDC) Routing System?

The UfiSpace DDC routing system opens up the traditional chassis routing system by “Distributing” the line and fabric card components into easy to manage, standalone “Disaggregated” white boxes, each equipped with their own hot swappable fans and power supplies for easy maintenance and servicing. These line and fabric cards are connected together using 400GE cables to form a single "Chassis," capable of horizontal scaling from 4Tbs to 192Tbs. No longer will forklifts be needed for installing the chassis because the DDC is so compact; just 2RU in height and can fit onto a standard 19” data center rack. UfiSpace’s DDC is designed for a routing system that is easier to install, manage, and maintain, while meeting all the technical requirements of a carrier-grade core and edge routing system.

S9700-23D 400G Disaggregated Core and Edge Router
The UfiSpace S9700-23D is a 10 x 400GE disaggregated core router with a Broadcom J2 chipset, offering 8GB buffering, 2000Mpps packet throughput, and 4.8Tbs switching capacity. It supports 5G services, open networking, and high-availability networks.

Features & Benefits

  • Disaggregated Open Router (DOR)
  • Distributed Disaggregated Chassis (DDC) “Line Card” white box
  • 10 x 400GE QSFP-DD service ports
  • 13 x 400GE QSFP-DD fabric ports
  • 1 x RJ45 + Micro USB serial console ports
  • 1 x 1GBase-T Ethernet port for Out-of-Band management

Technical Specifications

ASICBroadcom Jericho2 BCM88690
Chassis2RU, 436W x 762D x 87.6H mm (17.17" x 30" x 3.45") Weight: 23.9 kg (52.8 lbs)
Memory2x32GB DDR4 RDIMM with ECC support
Non-Operating Spec.Storage temperature: -40°C to 70°C (-40°F to 158°F) Storage humidity: 5% to 95% (RH), non-condensing
Operating Spec.0°C to 45°C (32°F to 113°F) Operating humidity: 5% to 85% (RH), non-condensing Altitude: 1,829 mm (6,000 ft.)
Power supplyAC input: 200 to 240V, 12.5A DC input: -40 to -72V, 60A Typical power: 581 Watts (no transceiver)
ProcessorIntel® Broadwell-DE 8 Core @ 2.0GHz
Redundancy1 + 1 Hot swappable power units 3 + 1 Hot swappable fan units
Storage2x128GB M.2 SATA SSD



UfiSpace provides end-to-end 5G networking solutions for telecommunication companies, cloud service providers and data centers. Their passion and dedication towards customer service and engineering excellence has brought UfiSpace to the forefront of 5G technology innovation.

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