home products Service Provider Optical Transport Multiplexer DCP-M40-PAM4-ZR, Multi-format 40 channel DWDM open line system (0-80 km)
DCP-M40-PAM4-ZR, Multi-format 40 channel DWDM open line system (0-80 km)

DCP-M40-PAM4-ZR, Multi-format 40 channel DWDM open line system (0-80 km)

Manufacturer: SmartOptics

Datasheet: DCP-M40-PAM4-ZR

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Product Detail

DCP-M is a genuine open line DWDM platform, specifically engineered for contemporary DCI. While it possesses the form factor and user-friendliness of a passive multiplexer, DCP-M stands out by actively monitoring traffic, amplifying signals for extended distances, and accommodating higher data rate protocols. It delivers everything necessary for an open line system, offering simplicity, reliability, and compatibility with all DCI protocol types.

DCP-M brings an unmatched level of plug-and-play convenience, irrespective of traffic type or network application. The DCP-M range includes four models, designed for either 8 or 40 channels. These models are specifically tailored for 100G DWDM PAM4 traffic or for applications incorporating any combination of PAM4, NRZ, and coherent 100/400G channels.

DCP-M40-PAM4-ZR, Multi-format 40 channel DWDM open line system (0-80 km)
DCP-M40-PAM4-ZR: An open line DWDM platform for modern DCI, offering traffic monitoring, signal amplification, high data rate handling, and plug-and-play simplicity.

Features & Benefits

  • Open line DWDM platform
  • Monitors traffic
  • Amplifies signals for longer distances
  • Handles higher data rate protocols
  • Plug and play simplicity regardless of traffic type and network application

Technical Specifications

Model Type DCP-M40-PAM4-ZR
Channel Capacity 40 channels
Distance Range 0-80 km
Compatibility PAM4, NRZ and coherent 100/400G channels
Functionality Monitors traffic, amplifies signals for longer distances, handles higher data rate protocols




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