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DCP-2, 2 slot 1U chassis housing PSUs, management and fan unit

DCP-2, 2 slot 1U chassis housing PSUs, management and fan unit

Manufacturer: SmartOptics

Datasheet: DCP-2

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Product Detail

The DCP-2 is a compact 1U x 19” chassis unit that accommodates the modular transponders and muxponders from Smartoptics. It can support two separate traffic modules, which can be conveniently positioned near the switches they are designed to enhance. The DCP-2 requires no intricate setup or prior expertise, offering an unparalleled level of plug and play simplicity for DWDM networking. This makes operations more straightforward compared to other complex vertically integrated transport platforms.

Any DCP-2 chassis can be strategically located near the switches and routers it needs to transport traffic for. These are simple, low-powered 1U DWDM modules that can be distributed throughout the data center, close to where they are needed. This small form factor networking solution ensures no chassis space is wasted.

Each traffic module is a fully enclosed EMI protected unit that can be safely handled and easily installed. The DCP-2 provides all the necessary features for multi-protocol traffic transfer over a dark fiber DWDM network, eliminating the need for extensive telecom knowledge or high costs. This is a system that can be easily managed by data and storage engineers.

DCP-2, 2 slot 1U chassis housing PSUs, management and fan unit
DCP-2: A plug-and-play 1U x 19” chassis unit for DWDM networking, hosting Smartoptics transponders and muxponders for simplified, low-powered, multi-protocol traffic transfer.

Features & Benefits

  • 1U x 19” chassis unit
  • Plug and play simplicity
  • Low powered 1U DWDM modules
  • Fully enclosed EMI protected modules
  • Multi-protocol traffic transfer over a dark fiber DWDM network

Technical Specifications

Chassis Size 1U x 19”
Number of Traffic Modules Supported2
Power Requirement Low
Module Protection Fully enclosed EMI
Network Compatibility Dark fiber DWDM




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