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4-channel 400Gbps DWDM 1-way OADM with Monitor ports

4-channel 400Gbps DWDM 1-way OADM with Monitor ports

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Product Detail

The H-OADM1x4-xxx-yyy-4C is a single-sided 4ch DWDM add/drop filter, designed to support 400G 16QAM signals due to its wide channel bandwidth. This filter is part of the 400G compatible filter range, as indicated by the "-4C" suffix in the product code. The product range includes ten different filters, collectively covering the 40ch DWDM band from 921 to 960.

Each filter features four add/drop ports, a Line port, and an Extension port. The Line port should always be directed towards the connection. Channels that fall outside the add/drop channel bands are passed through the filter. The Extension port has a broad range, covering 1264 -1630nm, allowing for a multitude of LANWDM, CWDM, DWDM, and OTDR solutions to be used on the same infrastructure. The bandwidth can even reach up to 1670, albeit with a slightly higher loss.

The monitor ports (Mon) are designed to tap off 1% of the transmitted and received Line signal, enabling the monitoring of channel power levels via a connected Optical Channel Monitoring (OCM) device or an optical spectrum analyzer. The DWDM channels are in compliance with ITU-T G.694.1. The ten different filters cover the channel band from 921 to 960, with specific models including H-OADM1x4-921-924-4C, H-OADM1x4-925-928-4C, H-OADM1x4-929-932-4C, H-OADM1x4-933-936-4C, H-OADM1x4-937-940-4C, H-OADM1x4-941-944-4C, H-OADM1x4-945-948-4C, H-OADM1x4-949-952-4C, H-OADM1x4-953-956-4C, and H-OADM1x4-957-960-4C.

4-channel 400Gbps DWDM 1-way OADM with Monitor ports
The H-OADM1x4-xxx-yyy-4C is a one-sided 4ch DWDM filter supporting 400G 16QAM signals, with wide bandwidth and multiple ports for diverse OTDR solutions.

Features & Benefits

  • Four add/drop ports
  • Line port and Extension port
  • Monitor ports tap off 1% of the transmitted and received Line signal
  • Compliant with ITU-T G.694.1
  • Ten different filters covering the channel band 921 to 960

Technical Specifications

Number of Channels4
Data Rate 400Gbps
Channel Bandwidth Supports 400G 16QAM signals
Port Types Four add/drop ports, one Line port, one Extension port
Monitor Ports Yes, taps off 1% of the transmitted and received Line signal




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