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DCP-1203, 3 x 100/400Gbps Transponder

DCP-1203, 3 x 100/400Gbps Transponder

Manufacturer: SmartOptics

Datasheet: DCP-1203

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Product Detail

The DCP-1203 provides an economical solution for 100G and 400G transport, boasting a compact design, minimal power usage, and reduced latency. This product features three separate transponders on a single card, each capable of operating in either 100G or 400G mode.

On the client side, a versatile range of QSFP28 client types can be used for 100G, and QSFP-DD for 400G. The line side is compatible with coherent DWDM 100GZR+, 400GZR, and 400GZR+ QSFP-DDs. The DCP-1203 is engineered to cater to two primary use cases. The first involves converting from grey 100/400G optics to DWDM, applicable when it's not feasible to embed coherent DWDM 100G or 400G QSFP-DDs in switches and routers.

The second use case provides a demarcation point for signal hand-off, where the transponder offers a point to gauge performance data before transferring the signal to another system. This makes the DCP-1203 a versatile and efficient solution for various networking needs.

DCP-1203, 3 x 100/400Gbps Transponder
The DCP-1203 is a cost-efficient, low-power, low-latency transponder for 100G and 400G transport, offering flexible client types and signal hand-off demarcation.

Features & Benefits

  • Small form factor
  • Low power consumption
  • Low latency
  • Flexible range of QSFP28 client types
  • Handles two main use cases

Technical Specifications

Transponder Count3
Operating Modes 100G or 400G
Client Side Compatibility QSFP28 for 100G, QSFP-DD for 400G
Line Side Compatibility Coherent DWDM 100GZR+, 400GZR, 400GZR+ QSFP-DDs
Use Cases Conversion from grey 100/400G optics to DWDM, Signal hand-off demarcation point




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