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AIS800-64O (OSFP800) - 48x OSFP800 800G Switch
AIS800-64O / AS9817-64O

AIS800-64O (OSFP800) - 48x OSFP800 800G Switch

Manufacturer: Edgecore

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Product Detail

The Edgecore AIS800-64O (AS9817-64O) is a high-performance, low-latency switch designed for high-performance data centers. It features 64x OSFP800 switch ports with Tomahawk 5.

Application Scenarios:

  • Spine Switch: This is a next-generation, high-capacity switch designed for data center spine use. It offers breakout options that include 2 x 400G, 4 x 200G, and 8 x 100G per port, with a maximum of 320 logical ports. This switch provides reduced cost and power per bit, is scalable, and facilitates migration to 400G leaf connectivity in data centers.
  • AI/ML Clusters: This switch provides standards-based (Ethernet) networking for AI/ML training, leveraging low latency and high-throughput RoCEv2. It reduces Job Completion Time (JCT) by utilizing the cognitive routing and congestion management capabilities of the switch. Its fully programmable telemetry enables sophisticated on-chip applications for improved network insight and efficient network management.
  • High-Performance Computing: The large number of high-capacity Ethernet ports allows server interfaces to transition to higher speeds and denser networks. It also enables the virtualization of compute and storage with VxLAN switching and routing.

AIS800-64O (OSFP800) - 48x OSFP800 800G Switch
The Edgecore DCS560 / AIS800-64O is a high-performance, low-latency switch ideal for data centers, AI/ML clusters, and high-performance computing. It features 64x OSFP800 ports and Tomahawk 5 for optimal speed and efficiency.
AIS800-64O / AS9817-64O
AIS800-64O / AS9817-64O

Features & Benefits

  • OSFP800 switch ports, each supporting 1 x 800 GbE (100G PAM4), or via breakout cables 2 x 400G GbE, 4 x 200 GbE, or 8 x 100 GbE.
  • OSFP800 switch ports also support 1 x 400 GbE (50G PAM4) and via breakout cables 2 x 200 GbE, 4 x 100 GbE, or 8 x 50 GbE.
  • Up to 24 W power budget per OSFP800 port.
  • Incorporates Broadcom Tomahawk 5 switch series silicon.
  • BMC module with serial-over-LAN support
  • SyncE and PTP support with 1PPS, 10MHz, and ToD connectors on the front panel
  • Contains e-fuses to protect transceivers and internal components
  • Standby power mode
  • 2 RU form factor

Technical Specifications

Compatible Software OptionSONiC
High AvailabilityRedundant Power Supply; Redundant Fans
Predominant Port TypeOSFP800



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