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S5828 - 100G L3 Stackable Managed Switch

S5828 - 100G L3 Stackable Managed Switch

Manufacturer: BDCOM

Datasheet: S5828

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Product Detail

BDCOM S5828 is a new generation of full 10GE TOR switches, oriented for high-performance computing, data centers, and high-end campuses. It adopts our most advanced hardware architecture designs. Developed on the basis of the BDROS software platform, BDCOM, with its own independent intellectual property rights, the S5800 Series provides high-performance L2/L3/L4 wire speed switching capacity.

It integrates services such as IPv6, VPN, network security, flow analysis, and virtualization. It also includes highly reliable techniques such as continuous forwarding, graceful restarting, and loop network protection. All of these work efficiently within the S5800 Series fabric for guaranteed maximum runtime.

It supports the "GreenTouch" architecture and "Smart@CHIP". Its power consumption is lower than 200W.

S5828 - 100G L3 Stackable Managed Switch
BDCOM S5828 is a new generation of full 10GE TOR switches. It is oriented towards high-performance computing, data centers, and high-end campuses.

Features & Benefits

  • Innovative Virtual Stacking Switching Technique BVSS
  • Rich Data Center Services
  • Equipment-Level Security
  • Versatile IPv6 Solution
  • Data Center Level High-Reliability

Technical Specifications

Cooling Fan4 Fans
Downlink bandwidth10G
Downlink interface typeSFP+
Downlink ports24
  • 24 10G SFP+ ports
  • 4 100GE/40GE QSFP28 ports
Power Supply
  • Hot-Swap Power Supply
  • Dual Power Slots
  • Comes with Dual Hot-Swap AC-220V Power Supply
  • Available in AC/DC/2DC
Switching Capacity (Gbps)800
Uplink bandwidth100GE/40GE
Uplink interface typeQSFP28
Uplink ports4



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