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I Love Data Centers Podcast with EPS Global

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Written by: EPS Global Avatar 9/14/2018

IT Components, SDN and The Irish Technology Boom

In this episode Tony Perri from Open Spectrum interviews Alan Fagan, who manages our North American operations, speaks candidly about SDN and the evolution of the Data Center industry, growth predictions and his Irish background. Worth a listen!

Interview Profile:

Alan Fagan is an IT industry expert with over 20 years selling the infrastructure that lives in the data center. He began his career in Dublin, Ireland and is now working out of Boston, MA for EPS Global as their North America Sales Manager. EPS Global is a leading, privately owned, franchised distributor for specialized IT components used in high-speed data and storage networks to accelerate, multiplex, store and manipulate the huge amounts of data generated by online and telecoms activity. Alan shares his history growing up in Ireland and watching the technology boom through the 90s. We also discuss the tremendous growth of the IT components industry.

Some of the questions Alan answers in the interview:

  • What is the Celtic Tiger and how did it affect Ireland?
  • What does Enterprise Ireland do?
  • How have the components that make up the physical infrastructure inside a data center evolved over the past 10-15 years?
  • Have these components seen price compression recently?
  • The evolution of buyers.
  • How will the industry change over the next 5 years?
  • How will Ireland continue to innovate and what might be some hurdles to that innovation?

'I Love Data Centers - Advising the Data Driven Economy' is a weekly podcast by Open Spectrum and you can find the original podcast here.


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