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The Critical Lowdown Podcast Episode 12

Beating the Supply Chain Crunch - A Case Study for Open Networking
Alan Fagan, EPS Global; Jeff Hummel, Nathan Gerencser, MetaLink; Vince Schuele, IP ArchiTechs

You can read the associated blog of Beating the Supply Chain Crunch here, which contains links to the products, services, and companies discussed in the podcast.

If it wasn’t clear before, the last number of years have crystallized the fact that Internet access is an absolute necessity in the contemporary world. With people working from home, streaming services instead of using traditional media platforms, and vital services such as education, banking and telemedicine being administered online – many are calling for Internet access to be classed alongside power and water as a household utility. Those who do not have Internet are isolated and their access to equal opportunities is at risk.

Despite the explosion in demand, governments and Service Providers are struggling to keep up as global supply chains continue to feel the squeeze and budgetary constraints prevail.

So how can Service Providers navigate around the supply chain crunch, cut lead times and costs for deployment?

Open, disaggregated Networking may be the answer.

In this episode of The Critical Lowdown, Alan Fagan, who manages Sales for North America at EPS Global, moderates a panel featuring Jeff Hummel, Technical Services Supervisor and Nathan Gerencser, Senior Network Engineer both from MetaLINK; and Vince Schuele, Senior Network Architect from IP ArchiTechs.

MetaLINK Technologies is one of the Top 20 Independent ISPs in North America, operating in Northwest Ohio, Northeast Indiana, and Southern Michigan since 1996 providing High-Speed Internet, Fiber Transport, Co-location, Web Hosting, and Hosted Phone Services and systems to businesses and households.

IP ArchiTechs Managed Services is a network consulting firm that focuses on whitebox and open networking integration.

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