XMOS is a fabless semiconductor company that develops multi-core multi-threaded processors designed to execute several real-time tasks, DSP, and control flow all at once. XMOS provides multicore microcontrollers (xCORE) for demanding time-critical embedded applications.

xCORE provides a powerful solution for a wide range of embedded applications. The multicore architecture allows a higher level of integration than conventional microcontrollers. For example, you can combine high-speed real-time control with real-time communications; or implement low latency audio interfaces and DSP processing to enable market leading digital audio accessories. The deterministic performance of xCORE is also finding a growing range of applications in automotive systems; xCORE is already the leading end-point solution for the emerging Ethernet AVB standard.


xCORE delivers higher performance and higher integration in a wide range of consumer applications. These include Smartphone peripherals, PC peripherals, Home Entertainment and Games consoles, Electronic devices and robotic toys, Home Appliances and Home Automation, and eBikes.


xCORE is the market leading solution for digital audio interfacing and DSP processing in consumer audio products ranging from universal audio docks to surround sound home-cinema systems, and for spatialization, equalization and audio DSP.

In professional audio products, our multicore technology supports for multiple audio channels and more advanced interfaces such as the emerging Ethernet AVB standard, where xCORE leads the market.


With its low latency and 100x faster response times, xCORETM provides the ideal solution for a wide range of demanding real-time control and real-time communication applications. Industrial bus bridging and interfacing are also key applications where the multiple cores in xCORE allow a larger number of channel to be supported.


XMOS has been a driving force behind the adoption of Ethernet Audio Video Broadcast (AVB) in automotive applications and is the leader in low cost end points for Infotainment systems, but with its predictable real-time response xCORE™ is rapidly finding a wide range of applications in a number of demanding automotive control applications.


Holtek Semiconductor

Holtek Semiconductor is a leading professional IC design house in Taiwan focused in the area of microcontroller and peripheral component design and marketing. The Holtek Semiconductor device range includes general purpose and specialised types of microcontrollers which, in addition to being used in general purpose applications, also sees specialised uses in the speech, communication, computer peripheral household appliance, medical equipment, automotive and security application areas. Additionally, Holtek supplies a range of power management devices and non-volatile memory peripheral devices, ensuring that customers are supplied with a functionally comprehensive set of device solutions.


  • High noise immunity and ESD protection
  • Flexible ASSP and ASIC MCU development service
  • Availability of professional design tools and high-function C compiler
  • Environmentally friendly lead-free devices


Application Areas

  • USB Audio 2.0
  • Ethernet AVB
  • Industrial Comms
  • Motor Control