Founded in 2011 and based in Beijing, Memblaze is a technological company with innovative genes. It focuses on providing outstanding corporate-level solid-state memory products and solutions in fields such as IT, internet, communication and cloud computing.

PBlaze IV

NVMe Support
PBlaze4 supports the industry-standard NVMe 1.1b (Non-Volatile Memory express) interface. Combined with PCIe Gen3, the PBlaze4 series increases IOPS and removes the I/O storage bottleneck that plagues the modern-day data centers.

High and Consistent Performance
PBlaze4 750 series comes in a range of capacities, from 800GB to 3.2TB in both 2.5” and Add-in Card (AIC) form factors. To achieve high and consistent performance, MemSpeed® technology set is optimized and utilized on PBlaze4, by delivering superior QoS to handle the most demanding workload spikes of today’s and tomorrow’s data centers.

Proven Data Reliability
To ensure Enterprise class data integrity, PBlaze4 incorporates a variety of innovative reliability features which summarized as MemSolid® technology set. Flash memory reliability is ensured through a combination of improved architecture and exceptionally strong ECC, Read Retry and RAID among NANDs technology.

The PBlaze4 2.5" form factor adheres to U.2 provisions for hot plug, hot removal and hot swap. PBlaze4 Serials will guarantee the integrity of data both already committed to non-volatile NAND media and cached writes commit to media during hot plug operation.

Increased Return on Investment
Utilizing Memblaze’s innovative Device-based Architecture, PBlaze4 can significantly reduce host system overhead (1MB memory occupy). With the flexibility of 2.5’’ form factor, it is effective to reduce deployment time, increase the PCIe SSD density and, save operating expense for data centers and reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO).


FlashRAID is an optimized software data protection system of Memblaze, which specifically supports NVMe SSDs and provides data protection and storage management services. FlashRAID has better performance than traditional RAIDs, as it is optimized for high-performance storage medium, can support NVMe SSDs efficiently. It can also meet the development trend of multi-core CPUs, and give full play to the advantages of software RAID.

Data protection
Optimized in the light of NVMe SSD characteristics, it provides data protection for NVMe high-performance storage medium
Automated Tiering

Different kind of storage media, different storage pools Automatic hierarchical storage of cold and hot data
Linearly Scalable Performance
Its performance is linearly scalable as with the increase in the number of SSDs and CPUs, to bring the aggregation performance of NVMe SSD into full play;
Fast data reconstruction

Allows a server to view more storage capacity than has been physically reserved
Capacity scalable
Capacity of logical volumes and storage pools scalable with no downtime and less data-migration
Unified Storage Resource Management
Data Recovery SSD performance with the number of linear expansion, in a shorter time window for data recovery, enhance data reliability