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800G (2x400 DR4) OSFP Optical Transceiver
Coherent | Finisar

800G (2x400 DR4) OSFP Optical Transceiver

Manufacturer: Coherent | Finisar

Datasheet: FTCE4517E1PxA

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Product Detail

The FTCE4517E1PxA (2 x DR4) OSFP transceiver modules are engineered for utilization in (2 x 400) Gigabit Ethernet connections over a maximum of 500m of single mode fiber. These modules adhere to the OSFP MSA, IEEE 802.3bs, and IEEE P802.3ck standards. Digital diagnostic features can be accessed through the I2C interface, as outlined by the OSFP MSA.

800G (2x400 DR4) OSFP Optical Transceiver
Coherent | Finisar

Features & Benefit

  • Hot-pluggable Type 2 OSFP form factor
  • I2C management interface
  • Supports 850 Gb/s aggregate bit rate
  • Power dissipation
  • RoHS-6 compliant
  • Case temperature range of 20°C to 60°C (limited temp) or 0°C to 70°C (C-temp)
  • Single 3.3V power supply
  • Aligned with IEEE 802.3bs
  • 8x100G PAM4 retimed 106.25 Gb/s PAM4 electrical interface aligned to IEEE 802.3ck
  • Dual MPO-12, APC receptacles

Technical Specifications

ConnectorDual MPO 12
Data Rate (max)850 Gb/s
Distance500 m
High End Case Temperature (°C)70
Low End Case Temperature (°C)0
Protocol800G Ethernet Compatible, IB NDR
Voltage Supply3.3


Coherent | Finisar

Finisar is now Coherent. Finisar is a global technology leader in optical communications. Their world-class products enable high-speed voice, video and data communications for networking, storage, wireless, and cable TV applications. For 30 years, Finisar have created critical breakthroughs in optics technology and supplied system manufacturers with the production volumes needed to meet the exploding demand for network bandwidth.

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