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10G SFP+ ZR C-Band 80km LC Transceiver

10G SFP+ ZR C-Band 80km LC Transceiver

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Pricing Table

Finisar’s FTLX3871DCCxx optical transceivers are Enhanced Small Form Factor Pluggable SFP+ transceivers designed for use in 10-Gigabit multi-rate links up to 80km of G.

Product Detail

Finisar’s FTLX3871DCCxx optical transceivers are Enhanced Small Form Factor Pluggable SFP+ transceivers designed for use in 10-Gigabit multi-rate links up to 80km of G.652 single mode fiber. They are compliant with SFF-8431, SFF-8432, and G.698.1 DS100S1-2Dz(C), and 10G Ethernet ZR and 10G Fibre Channel over 80km fiber.

Options: FTLX3871DCC17 (Channel: 17; Frequency (THz): 191.7; Center Wavelength (nm): 1563.86); FTLX3871DCC18 (Channel: 18; Frequency (THz): 191.8; Center Wavelength (nm): 1563.05); FTLX3871DCC19 (Channel: 19; Frequency (THz): 191.9; Center Wavelength (nm): 1562.23); FTLX3871DCC20 (Channel: 20; Frequency (THz): 192; Center Wavelength (nm): 1561.42); FTLX3871DCC21 (Channel: 21; Frequency (THz): 192.1; Center Wavelength (nm): 1560.61); FTLX3871DCC22 (Channel: 22; Frequency (THz): 192.2; Center Wavelength (nm): 1559.79); FTLX3871DCC23 (Channel: 23; Frequency (THz): 192.3; Center Wavelength (nm): 1558.98); FTLX3871DCC24 (Channel: 24; Frequency (THz): 192.4; Center Wavelength (nm): 1558.17); FTLX3871DCC25 (Channel: 25; Frequency (THz): 192.5; Center Wavelength (nm): 1557.36); FTLX3871DCC26 (Channel: 26; Frequency (THz): 192.6; Center Wavelength (nm): 1556.55); FTLX3871DCC27 (Channel: 27; Frequency (THz): 192.7; Center Wavelength (nm): 1555.75); FTLX3871DCC28 (Channel: 28; Frequency (THz): 192.8; Center Wavelength (nm): 1554.94); FTLX3871DCC29 (Channel: 29; Frequency (THz): 192.9; Center Wavelength (nm): 1554.13); FTLX3871DCC30 (Channel: 30; Frequency (THz): 193; Center Wavelength (nm): 1553.33); FTLX3871DCC31 (Channel: 31; Frequency (THz): 193.1; Center Wavelength (nm): 1552.52); FTLX3871DCC32 (Channel: 32; Frequency (THz): 193.2; Center Wavelength (nm): 1551.72); FTLX3871DCC33 (Channel: 33; Frequency (THz): 193.3; Center Wavelength (nm): 1550.92); FTLX3871DCC34 (Channel: 34; Frequency (THz): 193.4; Center Wavelength (nm): 1550.12); FTLX3871DCC35 (Channel: 35; Frequency (THz): 193.5; Center Wavelength (nm): 1549.32); FTLX3871DCC36 (Channel: 36; Frequency (THz): 193.6; Center Wavelength (nm): 1548.51); FTLX3871DCC37 (Channel: 37; Frequency (THz): 193.7; Center Wavelength (nm): 1547.72); FTLX3871DCC38 (Channel: 38; Frequency (THz): 193.8; Center Wavelength (nm): 1546.92); FTLX3871DCC39 (Channel: 39; Frequency (THz): 193.9; Center Wavelength (nm): 1546.12); FTLX3871DCC40 (Channel: 40; Frequency (THz): 194; Center Wavelength (nm): 1545.32); FTLX3871DCC41 (Channel: 41; Frequency (THz): 194.1; Center Wavelength (nm): 1544.53); FTLX3871DCC42 (Channel: 42; Frequency (THz): 194.2; Center Wavelength (nm): 1543.73); FTLX3871DCC43 (Channel: 43; Frequency (THz): 194.3; Center Wavelength (nm): 1542.94); FTLX3871DCC44 (Channel: 44; Frequency (THz): 194.4; Center Wavelength (nm): 1542.14); FTLX3871DCC45 (Channel: 45; Frequency (THz): 194.5; Center Wavelength (nm): 1541.35); FTLX3871DCC46 (Channel: 46; Frequency (THz): 194.6; Center Wavelength (nm): 1540.56); FTLX3871DCC47 (Channel: 47; Frequency (THz): 194.7; Center Wavelength (nm): 1539.77); FTLX3871DCC48 (Channel: 48; Frequency (THz): 194.8; Center Wavelength (nm): 1538.98); FTLX3871DCC49 (Channel: 49; Frequency (THz): 194.9; Center Wavelength (nm): 1538.19); FTLX3871DCC50 (Channel: 50; Frequency (THz): 195; Center Wavelength (nm): 1537.4); FTLX3871DCC51 (Channel: 51; Frequency (THz): 195.1; Center Wavelength (nm): 1536.61); FTLX3871DCC52 (Channel: 52; Frequency (THz): 195.2; Center Wavelength (nm): 1535.82); FTLX3871DCC53 (Channel: 53; Frequency (THz): 195.3; Center Wavelength (nm): 1535.04); FTLX3871DCC54 (Channel: 54; Frequency (THz): 195.4; Center Wavelength (nm): 1534.25); FTLX3871DCC55 (Channel: 55; Frequency (THz): 195.5; Center Wavelength (nm): 1533.47); FTLX3871DCC56 (Channel: 56; Frequency (THz): 195.6; Center Wavelength (nm): 1532.68); FTLX3871DCC57 (Channel: 57; Frequency (THz): 195.7; Center Wavelength (nm): 1531.9); FTLX3871DCC58 (Channel: 58; Frequency (THz): 195.8; Center Wavelength (nm): 1531.12); FTLX3871DCC59 (Channel: 59; Frequency (THz): 195.9; Center Wavelength (nm): 1530.33); FTLX3871DCC60 (Channel: 60; Frequency (THz): 196; Center Wavelength (nm): 1529.55); FTLX3871DCC61 (Channel: 61; Frequency (THz): 196.1; Center Wavelength (nm): 1528.77)

Pricing Table

Technical Specification

Form Factor:
Data Rate (max):
11.3 Gb/s
Wavelength (nm):
C-Band DWDM Fixed
Max Distance:
Media Type:
Duplex SMF
Temperature Range (°C):
-5 to 70
Voltage Supply (V):
Rate Select:
Data Rate:

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