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Product Highlights :
  • Fully integrated compact, cost effective, low-profile OPM/OCM module
  • Excellent power accuracy independent of adjacent signal power
  • Excellent wavelength accuracy without the need of an external reference
  • Simple and flexible interface including configurable sub-GHz spectral slice widths
  • Rapid scanning of the entire C-band in real-time
  • Powerful advanced processing of spectral features including valid channel detection, center wavelength and OSNR monitoring
  • Patented and proprietary coherent detection technology
  • Stable and reliable operation
Application :
  • 10Gb/s to 1Tb/s optical signals
  • Densely spaced super-channel carrier discrimination
  • Conventional or mixed modulation formats
  • Long haul and metropolitan DWDM network supervision
  • Precise network control during dynamic network operations such as provisioning and maintenance cycles
  • Effective network fault localization
  • Reliable long-term WDM network operation
Flexgrid® High Resolution Optical Channel Monitor (OCM)
Featuring unprecedented resolution, power and frequency accuracy, the Flexgrid® High Resolution Optical Channel Monitor (OCM) by Finisar offers optical spectrum analyser (OSA) performance in an ultra-compact, cost effective optical networking component.
Coherent | Finisar
https://www.epsglobal.com/getmetafile/94cfad1c-656d-435e-8625-94600a97706c/Coherent | Finisar

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