NOS Comparison; Edgecore L3 Switch Hospitality Case Study; Video Premiere and more

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Written by: EPS Global Avatar 7/31/2019

In this month's edition: ‘The Tyranny of Choice: A guide to open source Network Operating Systems’, our in-house techie Barry looks at the movers and shakers in the open NOS vendor world; a brand new Case Study where Edgecore’s L3 Switches come to the rescue in the 6th largest hotel in the world; introducing Lanner’s network appliances for SD-WAN; and a video premiere that’s worth a look.


What's New?

[Blog] The Tyranny of Choice: A guide to open source Network Operating Systems

The more choice we have, the less satisfied we become however we do need choice to feel freedom and autonomy when decision-making. This is known as the paradox of choice and rings true when buying a packet of crisps (or chips for my US friends), one of Heinz’s 57 varieties or selecting a NOS that best suits your needs. Consumer choice in this sphere is essential as every network requires something a little different to suit their very specific environmental demands. Read on here.

[Case Study] Providing high-performance network connectivity for hospitality

The Orbi Twin Tower hotel in Georgia’s Black Sea resort city Batumi is the 6th largest hotel in the world in terms of rooms, with 5,000 hotel rooms, apartments, retail, wellness, entertainment, and conference centers. The developers required an IP surveillance system that would cover the entire complex and provide for the security of its residents. To ensure seamless and uninterrupted security across a network of 791 IP cameras, the highest quality networking equipment was a must. That's where Edgecore's L3 Switches come in. Read the full Case Study.

Media Center

[Video] PREMIERE! EPS Programming - Global Logistics

It might not be the kind of content you normally see from us, but we're ever so proud of our new video which showcases the services division of our business so we wanted to share. We provide IC programming-as-a-service to Tier 1 Automotive electronic suppliers, Top 20 OEMs and Top 50 Contract Manufacturers around the world and have been doing so for 20 years. As a result of the strict standards we must maintain to pass customer audits, we are compliant with the highest international Quality Management Systems in our distribution centers worldwide - which means products are stored in optimum conditions, and our configuration centers run like clockwork.

It's about time we showed you what we can do! You can watch the video here now.

Product Announcements

Lanner Network Security Appliances

SD-WAN (Software-Defined Networking for Wide Area Networks) is becoming the preferred networking technology for cloud-centric enterprises due to its powerful combination of delivering application-based network performance and improving efficiency in WANs while reducing costs and increasing business sustainability. We've added Lanner to our linecard to provide an answer to the demand we're seeing for SD-WAN hardware. Lanner provides best-in-class network security applicances and Data Center appliances including Hybrid TCA Platforms and Cloud Storage Platforms.

Contact us now for more information about Lanner products.

Upcoming Events

ECOC - European Conference on Optical Communications

Sept 22 – 26 2019, RDS Dublin

The largest conference on optical communication in Europe is coming to our Global HQ’s hometown of Dublin in September. Our team would be delighted to meet with you and talk about how Finisar’s optics can increase bandwidth, capacity and reliability on your network. Set up a meeting now.


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