Banking Applications

When a microsecond can make the difference between success and failure for processes on your Bank’s network, there is a risk to business and profitability by choosing the wrong components for your network infrastructure. With more than 10 years experience, EPSGlobal focuses its efforts on smart solutions to allow our clients evolve their networks and cut costs, with no degradation to quality.

EPSGlobal’s product portfolio can help you minimize unplanned downtime on your network, and increase the reliability, capacity and bandwith, whilst reducing latency and power consumption at the server level.

What does this mean for you?

EPSGlobal can help you cut costs by increasing the utilization of current resources, and can help ensure your mission-critical systems are always available and secure, allowing you to offer a higher quality service to your customers.

Issue: Capacity & Bandwidth
Solution: Finisar 40G Transceivers, Finisar 100G Transceivers, Finisar Active Optical Cables
Issue: Power Consumption, High Energy Bills, Reducing Downtime
Solution: Enlogic Systems, Structure Source
Issue: Need to increase the utilization of current resources
Solution: Chelsio Communications, Fusion-io, Virident
Issue: Handling Legacy Networks
Solution: CTC Union Media Converters